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  • Gender: male
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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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My personal life is consumed by the greatest thing in my life - my family. My wife, two sons, and a daughter...all whom are just amazing.

Things I love: My family. My kids playing & laughing. Good music. A long or short scenic drive. A really good steak right off the grill. A fan on while sleeping. Genuine people. A 75 degree day. NCIS. Going to bed happy. The smell of coffee & pancakes cooking when I wake up on the weekend. Movies. French vanilla creamers. Picnics. Going to the Jersey shore. The word 'dude'.




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For starters, you'll earn 10 points for each recruit that joins BikerGeo, and as your recruits climb the BikerGeo Ladder, you'll continue to earn even more Points as well as Virtual Poker Chips!

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