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  • Gender: male
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    Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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About Me

A friend once asked me 'why do you always insist on taking the hard road?' to which I replied, "why do you assume I see two roads?"

Aren’t you the lucky one to stop by and peruse my profile today, because on this day of all days, I have once again broken my own record for consecutive days I've been alive.

So as I sit here pondering what witty words of wisdom I can continue to write, I'll start with saying that I still live my life somewhat on the fringe & I’m quite happy here, although I am a stranger (New Yorker) in a strange land (Arkansas). While I may not be totally perfect, some parts of me are excellent. I laugh at myself constantly & will always admit my shortcomings, especially if they are amusing. I definitely like coloring outside the lines & I’m not one to follow the pack. My sense of humor is still leaning towards being warped, but hell, I think it's funny. And as you all know, I’m also a know-it-all (& anything I don't know I make up so that I still can answer all).

1) Wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across your head
2) The world's a rollercoaster and we're not strapped in
3) Seek First To Understand
4) It's not the Destination, it's the Journey
5) Learn To Live In The Present Moment
6) Judgment comes from experience & experience comes from poor judgment
7) No matter how much you care, some people will always be assholes
8) Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead
9) Harm None

1) Waking up in the morning
2) A warm smile
3) Kind and compassionate people
4) Open minds, warm hearts & strong character
5) The laughter of children

1) That I am a mass of contradictions...
2) That there is method to my madness, only I haven't figured it out yet...
3) That I dove into the depths of my soul and came up laughing...
4) That I'm Politically Incorrect and Morally Impaired...
5) That I have zero willpower to quit smoking these damn cigarettes...
6) That I have the body of a God, but unfortunately his name is BUDDHA...
7) That if I ever learn from my mistakes, I would be a Fucking Genius...
8) That I may be lost, but i'm making good time...
9) That I can leap tall buildings in a single bound...
10) That I still love listening to 80's hair bands & probably will till the day I die...
11) At 53, I started to learn to play the drums...
12) That I see the ridiculous in everything (& believe me, most everything has a comical side to it...
13) That I once fell asleep while riding my motorcycle (and lived to tell about it)....
14) That I am, quite simply, complicated!!!
15) That I've owned a home in Arkansas since 2006, but have worked & lived in (Richmond, VA), (Aquasco, MD) Now Indiantown, FL...
16) That i'm thinking the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about.




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