Father's Day 2016


Share your favorite memories with Dad...

asked 3 years ago

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Fathers Day 2016

I really don't have any father stories to tell.  I never knew my father.  So I can share a favorite Father and Son story.  Both of my sons played little league baseball and I actually got to coach my youngest son one year which was a blessing.  My oldest had a problem with steppinng back from the ball, so I took a tent peg and a rope and hooked the rope to the tent peg then made a loop on the other end and put around his ankle.  While pitching to him when he tried to step back he would fall on his butt, therefore we broke his bad habit of stepping back when getting pitched too.

answered 3 years ago
Missing my dad

favorite memories with my dad include hunting - fishing - and winning the Grand American World Junior Championship Trapshoot with him there with me in Vandalia,Ohio in 1979. Never had the chance to ride with my dad but since his passing in 2008 his spirit rode with me as i rode his/ now my '03 RKC to the HD 105 anniversary event in Milwaukee and to every other event i ride to.

answered 3 years ago
Memory's of dad

I remember one time: Dad was on one side of the dining table, with belt in hand. Me on the other! I would start one way, then the other. Got by him then, got the door open and ran down the back porch steps! As Dad slammed the door I heard " YOU GOTTA COME HOME SOMETIME" As I'm standing in the street, no shoes, no coat............ stood there seamed like forever! Dad would walk by the kitchen window every so often. Till finely I could take it no longer. I went in expecting a beat down. He just said your moma is fixing a bath go get warmed up. I will fix you somthing to eat. From that day, on he never laid a hand on me! ( he did pour cold water on me a few mornings, but that another story)

answered 3 years ago
My daddy memory

My daddy never lived with us so my favorite daddy memory was the first time I ever met him. 

It was my 5th birthday party and the door bell rang. My mom asked me to answer the door. (she knew who it was) so I opened the door and there was a man I'd never seen standing there. I yelled to my mom that there was a stranger at the door. She called back to me and replied let him in. He came in and sat down and I ran over to my mom and hid behind her. She gently told me that the man sitting there was my daddy. My dad then opened his arms and said "come here my girl" without hesitation I ran into his open arms and hugged him. 

To this day I think it was just the fact of meeting him finally and that I was able to finally tell other kids about my dad when they asked. 

He passed away just after easter of 2009 and eventhough I didn't get to see him often he always had a place in my heart. Meeting him that day made my little life complete! 

answered 3 years ago
Long Past

My father passed away very long ago, but I still remember the tough love, role model, and examples he set in all areas of life, interests, and socity.  He was a great motivator in broadening my interests, skills and independance.  Thanks  for the efforts, presence, and examples.

answered 2 years ago
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