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The 125k Patch

The BikerGeo Facebook Page has reached 125,000 LIKES! To commemorate this achievement we've made this 125k Virtual Patch available for a limited time only. This Virtual Patch will only be available until December 1st, so be sure to unlock it for your collection while you still can, and by all means, share the heck out of it with family and friends!

Please help to support (only if you can) the continued growth of BikerGeo by purchasing some patches from the BikerGeo Store. If you're looking to earn a Virtual Poker Chip, which can be used for your next promotion, be sure to grab the Official BikerGeo Patch! Once you've receieved the patch, be sure to snap a photo and post it to our Facebook Page, which will earn you a Virtual Poker Chip.

We'll also award 1 Virtual Poker Chip to 10 BikerGeo members on the evening of December 3, 2014 (randomly selected) who have visited our Facebook Page and has shared a post about the "125k Virtual Patch" to his or her own Facebook Wall.

714 Riders Have Unlocked This Patch

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Recruiting allows you to earn Points and Poker Chips fast by inviting family and friends to BikerGeo. Easily select your family and friends who ride from your email address books and start earning rewards as they sign-up and begin using the site.

For starters, you'll earn 10 points for each recruit that joins BikerGeo, and as your recruits climb the BikerGeo Ladder, you'll continue to earn even more Points as well as Virtual Poker Chips!

to BikerGeo to get started..

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